Choosing the Right Plan

Standard Plan
Our Standard Plan was created to meet the needs of the web beginner. It includes all the same features of the Enterprise and Corporate plans, but is scaled down for smaller e-businesses. This plan provides ample disk space and bandwidth for traffic, plus unlimited e-mail accounts and one MySQL database.

Enterprise Plan
The Enterprise Plan provides you with 500 megabytes of disk space and 15 gig of data transfer -- perfect for a site which will maintain a growing customer database. Compare this plan with other plans on the market and you will see that we give you the most features for your money.

Corporate Plan
When your business relies on its web site for conducting business then the Corporate Plan is the right hosting solution for you. 600 megabytes of storage and 20 gig of data transfer provide you with a large amount of disk space and plenty of bandwidth for setting up an Internet storefront. Sell your products and services over the Internet now!

Select a package plan at the left to order now. Get your e-commerce site up and running within a few hours!

All plans come with free, open-source scripts and programming tools, including the popular Interchange shopping cart!

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